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An update of our IsaOrder mobile application is now available for download in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

What’s New in this update for iOS and Android

  • Fixed various stability and performance issues
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate orders were being created sporadically

Also, the following fixes were made in iOS Only

  • Fixed an issue where choosing a country other than the default on startup, was causing odd behavior
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when a member had multiple paks with the same sku in the cart. If they changed the quantity for any of the duplicate paks, the top pak on the cart screen quantity changed as well

Also, the following fix was made in Android Only

  • Fixed an issue where IsaOrder would crash if Make-A-Wish® was the only item in the Autoship Cart

IsaPulse v2.2 is now available to iOS users at App Store. IsaPulse v2.2 for Android users was made available October 2, 2015.

With this release for iOS, several issues have been addressed:

  • Resolved the issue that caused the app to sign out members after each session. Now members remain signed in for 30 days to balance both security and convenience.
  • The missing twice-daily push notification reminders issue has been resolved.
  • Cycle Status where the remaining BV values were being truncated when members upgrade their iPhone to iOS 9.0 has been fixed.
  • Similar display issue for Billion and Beyond where the “Earnings to Date” and “Goal to Date” values were being truncated for iOS 9.0 users has also been addressed.
  • “Enrollers Club” has now been corrected to “Team Builders Club”.
  • Issue has been fixed for members that were seeing the text $projectname$ in their push notifications.

With the new version of IsaPulse, you can remain signed in for 30 days. This update adds security while making the mobile app more convenient to use.

Since the last update, IsaPulse signed out members after each session and stopped sending twice-daily push notifications (pop-up messages) to members’ devices when they had new notifications to view. IsaPulse v2.2 corrects both issues.

We implemented these changes for Android users today. Download IsaPulse v2.2 now.

iOS users can expect this update soon, as well as a resolution to the rendering issue that’s causing Business Volume (BV) to display incorrectly in iOS 9.

We’re performing scheduled maintenance on our websites and applications beginning at 10 p.m. (Arizona time) on Saturday Oct. 3, 2015., the Associate Back Office (ABO), the Mobile Back Office (MBO), your retail website, IsaOrder and IsaPulse will be unavailable for several hours.

During the downtime, we’ll be updating internal systems, as well as implementing the following updates.


Updated Policies and Procedures for AU/NZ

In the ABO and MBO for Australia and New Zealand (AU/NZ), we’re updating the Enroll New Members Policies and Procedures section. We’re adding a Terms and Conditions checkbox and links to the Compliance pages for each country.


Added American Express for CO

We’re adding American Express as a credit card payment method for our Colombian market.


New Message for Deleting Autoship Payment Methods

When members attempted to delete a payment method associated with their Autoship, an error displayed. We’re changing the error to a message that explains you cannot delete payment methods associate with Autoship. Instead, you must edit Autoship to add a new payment method before deleting the old one.


Updated Healthy Mind and Body Contact Information for AU/NZ

We’re updating the contact information for the AU/NZ markets on the Healthy Mind and Body landing page.


Nisaorder-devices2ow, ordering your favorite Isagenix products is a snap—or as easy as a few taps!

Introducing IsaOrder, the new Isagenix mobile application designed exclusively for ordering on the go. No matter where you are, if you have an iOS or Android device connected to Wi-Fi or data, you can browse the product catalog, place wholesale orders, create and edit Autoship, and more.

How? It’s simple. Visit from your mobile device, and tap App Store or Google Play to download the app. Then, sign in with your Associate Back Office (ABO) username and password.

IsaOrder is the second in our suite of Isagenix Mobile Solutions, created by our team of in-house experts with Associates at heart. We know you aren’t always building your business from behind a desk, so we’re committed to providing powerful tools that go anywhere you do. Excited to see what’s next? Check out

IsaOrder features an intuitive design for pain-free navigation. But, if you need Help, we’ve got what you ordered at

Ready to take IsaOrder’s mobile shopping cart for a spin? Let’s get started. and your Isagenix® Associate Back Office (ABO), Mobile Back Office (MBO), retail website, and IsaPulse will be unavailable for several hours beginning at 10 p.m. (Arizona time) on Saturday April 29, 2015.

During the downtime, we’ll be updating internal systems, as well as implementing the following updates.


Preparation for New IsaOrder Mobile App

At Celebration 2015, we announced Isagenix Mobile Solutions, our upcoming suite of mobile applications for iOS and Android. In September 2015, Associates can use the new IsaOrder app to place wholesale orders, create or edit Autoship orders, and view the status of their latest orders. At this time, we are preparing for the upcoming release of IsaOrder v1, which will be available in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, and New Zealand. See for details.


Erroneous Discounts Applied to PIBs

We’re correcting an issue in which our system is erroneously applying discounts to Product Introductory Bonuses (PIBs) for Custom Paks.


ABO Country Error Message

When attempting to place wholesale orders in the ABO, some members are receiving error messages after selecting a country. We’re correcting this issue so that the product catalog loads and lets members place orders.


Healthy Mind and Body Login Issues

We’re correcting an issue in which members using Internet Explorer are unable to log in to


Updated Customer Care Phone Number for Indonesia

In the ABO, we’re correcting the Customer Care phone number that displays on the Autoship/Assurance receipt page for the Indonesia market.


ABO Translations for Indonesia

We’re updating the Manage My Website page in the ABO to include missing Bahasa translations for the Indonesia market.


$0 Total on Autoship Checkout Page

We’re fixing an issue in the ABO in which the order total displays a $0 amount when there are products in the cart on the Autoship checkout page.


Vietnam New Member Signup (NMS) Error

In the ABO for the Vietnamese market, there’s an issue during NMS in which
the error message for the Government Identification Number displays next to the Vietnam Tax ID Number (Tax Code) field. We’re updating the ABO so that the Government Identification Number displays next to the correct field.


In time for our 2015 “Breakthrough” Celebration, we just released an updated version of IsaPulse. In case you aren’t familiar, our IsaPulse mobile application lets you check your stats, connect with others, and receive notifications about your Isagenix team.

If you’ve already installed IsaPulse, you don’t have to take any special steps to upgrade to version 2.1. Your mobile device will prompt you to upgrade on Aug. 19, 2015. If you want it sooner, you can manually download it for iOS or Android.

TIP: If you set your mobile device to allow for automatic downloads/updates, you’re sure to receive the latest version the moment it’s available.


What’s New in Version 2.1

  • Support for Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 release
  • Various bug fixes to improve performance of application response


For more information about IsaPulse, visit

Yesterday, we discovered an issue with the BV Summary section of the Associate Back Office (ABO). Specifically, instead of displaying the correct amount of remaining volume, the ABO inaccurately displayed a zero (0) for all member accounts.

Today, we resolved this issue so that the ABO displays the correct amount of remaining volume. Thank you for your patience as we corrected this display issue.